Sangha is a Sanskrit word that refers to a community or assembly of people who share a common vision, goal or purpose. When you join with others to acquire new skills through direct personal experience, the transformative value of the learning is reinforced and enriched through the exchange of ideas and energy. Group learning also allows you to connect with people who have interests similar to yours so that you can support one another after you leave the formal learning environment.

Interactive Learning

HeartSong's community education programs are interactive in several ways.

  • You are invited to interact with the subject matter, by participating in health-promotive activities and engaging in discussions about different ideas.
  • You also interact with presenters and with one another, thus creating opportunities for future interactions with people who are interested in health and wellness.
  • Perhaps most important of all, you have time and space to interact with yourself, to explore your thoughts, your beliefs and assumptions, your hopes and fears, and sensations in your body.
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HeartSong offers different community health programs at different times of the year. See our calendar for current offerings.  See the calendar to see which programs are currently being offered.

Integral Health: Tools for Holistic Living  Winter-Spring 2013

A monthly program where you learn and practice different techniques for promoting health and well-being from different practitioners in the local community. Open to the community.

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Natural Living Spring-Summer 2013

Workshops that provide you with health-optimizing self-care skills and time to practice them. For active HeartSong patients only.

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Yoga Heart: The Journey Home

A weekly program where you explore how to use the ancient practice of yoga to open your heart and manage your responses to the stressors in your life with more compassion and clarity. For active HeartSong patients only.

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Room for Everyone: The Many Faces of Medicine at HeartSong

An occasional program to acquaint the community with primary care at HeartSong. Open to the community and designed to acquaint people who are used conventional medicine to an understanding of how natural medical approaches to health and healing can be used to complement conventional therapies to improve health outcomes.    It is a both-and experience of medicine, rather than an either-or approach to health care.

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Naturally Yours

A program to acquaint you with basic principles of a health-promoting lifestyle. For newcomers to lifestyle medicine.

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Relaxed Living

A program to acquaint you with basic principles of stress management drawn from the sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga. For newcomers to mindbody medicine. Open to the community.

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Community Health Educators -

Share your work and help create a more inclusive community!

If you have an event you would like to hold at HeartSong, please use the link above to send us an email describing what you would like to do.