Transition Medicine

In the face of environmental shifts and changes in health care delivery, Ganesh Gardens offers people a unique opportunity to learn how to use food and herbs to prevent illness and promote personal health in ways that are economically and ecologically sustainable. Named for the Hindu deity Ganesh, the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth who overcomes all obstacles, Ganesh Gardens illustrates how to create flourishing vegetable, medicinal, and contemplative gardens in small spaces and difficult terrain. The gardens also supply HeartSong with herbs and organic produce for herbal medicine and cooking classes.

Herbal Apothecary

The word apothecary is a historical name for a medical professional who formulates and dispenses materia medica (Latin for "medicinal drugs") to physicians and patients as well as to refer to a collection the materia medica. Our herbal apothecary offers fresh and dried plant teas, tinctures, glycerites, oils and salves made at HeartSong. Unlike our natural pharmacy, products from our herbal apothecary are not intended to treat any disease and are offered for educational purposes only.


Permaculture is a branch of ecology which focuses on the design of environmentally responsible and self-sufficient human settlements modeled from natural ecosystems. It teaches us how to create sustainable communities using local, renewable,and non-toxic resources.

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Healing Gardens

Ganesh Gardens has been designed to serve as a healing space for HeartSong users. Although gardens have been used for centuries to enhance the healing process, the use of gardens for medical purposes decreased in the United States with advances in modern technology in the 20th century. More recently, due to a growing interest in holistic medicine, gardens are drawing more attention in the medical community. For example, research at the Center for Health Systems at Texas A & M University revealed that people recover more quickly from stress, a leading cause of illness, when given natural scenery to view.


At HeartSong, activities in the gardens vary with the season and volunteers are welcome to help with anything from planting in the spring, to weeding during the summer, to harvesting, to preparing the gardens for winter in the fall. See Support HeartSong for information about current garden projects.


Owing to their location on a slope overlooking a pond, the gardens are not suitable for unsupervised children, nor are they accessible at the ground level to people who have problems with mobility. They can, however, be safely viewed from the deck overlooking the gardens at the rear of the facility.



Established in 2012, Ganesh Gardens is always looking for plants to join the botanical community. Our goal is to have thriving samples of all medicinal plants indigenous to New England.

If you have plants to donate, or would like to offer funds to purchase a particular plant, please contact us by email at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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