HeartSong's In-House Physician: Dr. Ani's Personal Story

Dr. AniI grew up in Berkeley, California in the 50's and 60's. Yes, I was a "flower child", born of a generation that had a vision of hope and peace, about living in love rather than hate. The lyrics of the song San Francisco, sung by the Mamas and the Papas in 1967, captures for me the feelings and the energy of the times.

Click here to link to an original recording, with pictures of my "neighborhood", so to speak, although I grew up across the bay in a small neighborhood up in the hills behind the University of California at Berkeley.

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Tolle totem

Tolle totem, meaning "treat the whole" in Latin, is one of the foundational principles of naturopathic medicine. Tolle totem acknowledges your integrity -- your undivided or unbroken completeness or totality, with nothing wanting -- and acknowledges that health and disease involve a complex interaction of many factors. The harmonious function of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life is essential to both your recovery from illness and your ability to stay healthy. See Naturopathic Medicine for more details.

Cultural Sensitivity

Your doctor recognizes and appreciates your cultural traditions, as well as your choices with regards to personal identity and lifestyle. Your doctor makes every effort to avoid stereotypes and inferences about your behaviors that might arise from a lack of understanding about your personal, familial, and/or community values and practices.

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Your HeartSong physician engages in two types of advocacy:

1. Health Care Advocacy refers to the process of intervening on your behalf to find you the best treatments available in the health care system. Successful advocacy involves you -- the more frankly you describe your habits, the more accurately you explain your symptoms, the more you reveal about your needs, the better your physician can advocate on your behalf.

2. Wellness Advocacy refers to the process of encouraging you to live a health-promoting lifestyle.

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Integrative Care

Your physician provides care that is integrative in two senses of the word:

1. Interdisciplinary: Your doctor oversees your medical care and integrates services provided by other practitioners into a cohesive and coordinated treatment program. See Specialized Medicine for more information.

2. Integrity-promoting: Your physician relies upon the principle of tolle totem to create a treatment program that is designed to help you personally integrate --- function more harmoniously as an undivided whole.

Personal Service

In order to offer you a clinical experience that is as private, personal, and healing as possible, your physician will personally greet you, treat you, and see you on your way after your encounter ends. Your physician will also personally return your phone calls and emails, unless unavailable. In this case, someone will contact you to let you know when your physician will be accessible.

Meet Dr. Ani Hawkinson

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Hear what Dr. Ani has to say about herself:

'One part exuberance, and two parts obsession.' I heard this used once to describe someone and realized that it was probably a good way to describe me. I love what I do and it's all that I do. I've come to the practice of naturopathic medicine as a second career. It excites and sustains me, and I hope it will do the same for everyone who comes to HeartSong. I hope you come soon!

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Hear what people say to Dr. Ani:

As my doctor, you don't pull the authority "card". I get to tell you how I am feeling, how I am responding to things and you help me come up with a solution that works for me. It has been a huge thing that I don't have to come to you for acute things only, but i can come to you just to work on my health in general.

You are part of my support system and being supported in this way is not something that i have never experienced. I don't have the words for it, you are supporting my well-being in a medical way in the same way that a psychologist supports someone in a psychological sense. You do it for my overall health and well-being.

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