Integral Health

Ayurveda, the ancient natural medicine of India, tells us that true health emerges spontaneously as one develops a more coherent sense of self through self-inquiry and personal transformation. Integral health refers to a dynamic state of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual resilience and evolving self-awareness. It is experienced as a growing sense of inner well-being and outer connectedness to the world. Since it does not depend upon certain physical characteristics or capabilities, it is available to everyone.

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Health Promotion

The United States needs an effective health system -- a coherent set of interacting and interrelated elements (philosophy, values, activities) that will help people stay well. Ayurveda -- "the science (veda) of life (ayur)" -- approaches the task of preventing disease by promoting the health of an individual as an integral whole. Rather than isolating individual risk factors, it teaches people how live in harmony with their true nature in order to cultivate and sustain personal integral health throughout life. HeartSong integrates modern medical evidence-based guidelines with Ayurvedic principles for promoting longevity to create an innovative and comprehensive approach to advanced primary care.

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Community Resilience

Healing is an intensely personal experience that occurs in the context of the physical, socioeconomic, spiritual, and cultural environments in which people live. Inextricably tied to community wellness, it depends upon community resilience -- the process whereby a group of people (a community) adapts effectively to environmental changes to preserve a collective sense of well-being. Community resilience is assured when the different aspects of community life that affect health and wellness are properly nurtured.

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Equitable Health Care

Certain groups of people in the United States experience higher rates and severity of illness and death than others. Fair and equitable access to health-promotive medical practices and environments is essential for the future well-being of any community, especially in times of rapid financial and social transition. HeartSong sponsors activities to improve access to holistic health care and education. We promise equitable access to services, regardless of age, financial resources, level of education, cognitive, physical, and social ability, lifestyle, faith, cultural tradition and personal identity.

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Ecologically Sustainable Medicine


Imagine a visit to doctor that is health-restorative, life-enhancing, and educational.

Imagine seeing a doctor and receiving a therapy that is safe for you, and safe for the environment.

Ecologically sustainable medical practices bring you a greater sense of personal well-being by promoting the health and vitality of your family, your community, and the global ecosystem.

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