Natural Environments

HeartSong is located on four acres of woodland at the end of a private road in the small community of Putney, Vermont. Overlooking a pond which welcomes gray heron, ducks, tortoises, small fish, and frogs, it hosts a variety of local wild and domestic fauna such as cats, chipmunks and squirrels, birds, deer, and the occasional moose or bear.

Our building is a traditional post-and-beam structure, constructed from natural woods that harmonize with forest surroundings. Hardwood floors, exposed beams, and brick masonry connect visitors to the earth while cathedral ceilings, skylights and windows welcome the sky.

In 2012, a large medicinal herb garden -- Ganesh Gardens -- was created behind the facility, for both educational and medicinal purposes.

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Healing Spaces

Places and spaces where we live and work affect us in deep and fundamental ways. The presence of nature, the use of color, texture, shape, light and scent all contribute to our sense of well-being.

Open spaces at HeartSong invite quiet reflection and relaxation. Because artistic expression and creativity are essential aspects of well-being, handcrafted art, ceramics, metalwork, fabrics and weaving, are incorporated into every room. The aroma and taste of Ayurvedic herbal teas encourage the mind to relax and the heart to open. Music, art, and furnishings from the around the world inspire the imagination and remind us of both our diversity and our interconnectedness. Living plants evoke our natural capacity to grow and heal.

Vastu Shastra

Vastra Shastra, literally "the science (shastra) of dwellings", is the ancient Hindu science of architecture and design that originated in India with its two sister sciences - Ayurveda and Yoga. While Ayurveda and Yoga focus on the inner and outer "self" (mind and body), Vastu Shastra is concerned with the physical spaces that we inhabit. It teaches us how to use nature to create environments that soothe and harmonize our nervous systems because nature reminds us of one great truth: everything that exists is divine. We have used the basic principles of vastra shastra to organize the spaces at HeartSong as much as possible.

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Resource Conservation

HeartSong manages physical space to reduce its ecological footprint as much as possible. Rather than build a new structure on pristine land, we renovated an existing building, preserving its original integrity and the land around it for future generations to enjoy. Vegetable and herb gardens are organic; ongoing road maintenance protects the surrounding land from flooding and landslides. A state-of-the-art septic mound system filters water through multiple layers of sand to purify it before it reaches ground water. Natural slate, wood, and earth tone tiles are used throughout the facility. Interior walls are painted in eco-friendly earth tones using organic or low-VOC paint. Exposed wood is protected with natural oil or nontoxic water-based urethane. The building exterior, including signage, is natural wood.

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Hear what people have to say about our location:

The location of HeartSong is perfect because it's on the end of a quiet dirt road far removed from "life". It provides a peaceful space free of distraction to do the work of healing. My ride there gives me time to think about why I'm going, what I need to say, and what I want from the visit. When I leave the door I'm still in a serene state of mind that buffers my return to the "world".

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Hear what people have to say about our waiting room:

"The waiting room is so friendly and warm, very inviting to wait and pass the time to see your doctor!"