We welcome and appreciate any and all offerings of support.

Cash Gifts

We welcome cash donations of any amount. If you'd like to specify how you'd like your contribution to be used, you may do so. All monetary gifts to HeartSong is tax-deductible. Mail your contribution to 36 Old Town Road, Putney, VT 05346.

Gifts In Kind

Gifts in kind (GIK) are a kind of charitable giving where goods and services are donated instead of money. HeartSong accepts in kind donations of any type -- good or services. If we cannot use donated items ourselves, we will find someone who can. As a rural nonprofit operating our own facility, we can make use of a wide variety of services. If you have skills you'd like to offer, let us know and we'll make good use of them!

Programs and Classes

We have a beautiful classroom space available for health-related activities. If you offer a program that is free of charge for participants, we will market the program for you and provide the space at no cost to you. It is a great opportunity to promote community wellness while getting the word out about who you are and the services you offer


In Eastern spiritual traditions, the Sanskrit word seva refers to the practice of caring for others without expecting personal reward or benefit. In these traditions, seva is a tool for spiritual awakening -- an opening of consciousness that occurs spontaneously when one acts selflessly on behalf of others. Saint Francis, a Christian mystic, captures this phenomenon with the following phrase: It is in giving that we receive. Since we are a small rural facility, we can always use help! At the moment, we need are looking for people to help with the following projects:

1. Cataloging titles in our medical and cross-cultural libraries.

2. Weeding our medicinal and vegetable herb gardens.

3. Expanding the Resources page of this website. 

4. Compiling a  list of people who speak different languages who are willing to act as interpreters for speakers of other languages who may come to HeartSong.

5. Cleaning the facility.

6. Touch up painting.

7. Window washing

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Hear what our founding President of the board of directors has to say about helping create HeartSong:

I first met Ani, our clinic physician, in 2006 as she was finishing her last year of the naturopathic program at University of Bridgeport. I was a new faculty member and it didn't take long for me to discover that Ani was on fire about how she was going to transform healthcare in her corner of the world. I am honored to have been a part of the process and am so proud of where we've come in these past few years.

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